Jan 16

Awesomedice.com – Where you can get awesome dice! With a NED exclusive Discount!

So some of you have been eyeing yourself up some new dice, but convincing yourself to buy them is always the trouble. “I have plenty of dice” you may think of “I have enough dice”.

Here, at Nearly Enough Dice, disagree with this belief. So much so we went hunting for a shop that sold more awesome dice for you to buy. Luckily – our search wasn’t so difficult! Meet awesomedice.com. They sell a rather large selection of dice – from your standard chessex dice all the way through to some rather fabulous glass table breaking metal dice. Some pretty awesome stuff – the guys behind are rather lovely and while the site is quite young they are already getting themselves rather well known in the Roleplaying scene.

They also take their dice pretty darn seriously:

Since you can’t pick up the dice for a closer look when you’re shopping online, we’ve made sure that our photos are crystal clear, can be blown up for excellent detail, and are properly color-balanced so that the dice you receive in the mail actually look like the dice that you buy. Too often pictures of dice that you find online don’t really show how the dice really look — sometimes this is because of low-quality and low-rez photos, but often it’s a color balancing issue where indoor lights give a yellow tinge that can pretty radically alter how the dice look, especially for premium dice that have a subtle blend of colors in them.

So you know that the dice you see is the dice you will buy. Brilliant!

But also, if he didn’t have enough under his belt already – he has made a rather amazing dice roller apps for wordpress. There is a D&D dice roller, a generic dice roller and a WoD dice roller as well. They are all pretty funky (and something we will look at adding in the very near future ourselves).

If you decide to check out their store and buy some of their dice (of which are amazingly well priced) then you can get a great price with our exclusive discount code! Simply enter NED01 at step two of the checkout system! Then you get immediately 15% off the items you order but be quick, as the offer runs out at the end of the month! We will have an interview with the brilliant people behind Awesomedice.com later this week so keep your eyes open for it.


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