May 04

Available now: The May Hurray Bundle from Indie Royale!

Right now you can go grab yourself a great bargain over at Indie Royale again as they release their May Hurray Bundle!

At time of writing it was available for a tiny amount of £3.28 – a brilliant price, especially when you consider you get:

Some really excellent games (I can certainly vouch for Dungeon Defenders which I bought during the last steam sale). With the steam codes you get as well you are having a laugh really!

If you are willing to part with a bit more cash – $7 or your currency equivalent (so about £4.37), you also get Starscream’s Future, Toward the Edge of Forever, worth $5 as well! I had a quick listen on bandcamp and I would say the album is certainly worth a few extra bucks!

So I suggest you hop over quickly – as last I checked there was a little over 5 days left to get your hands on this brilliant bundle!

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