Jan 12

An Open Letter to D&D Next’s Art Department

A rather clever individual has written an open letter to D&D Next’s art department. A rather good letter I think and one I agree with.

I’m going to talk to another very important part of the Dungeons & Dragons experience. I’m going to talk about art.    But I am very, very, deeply concerned about the direction of the art in this game, and I would like to invite the art department, particularly those in decision-making positions, to pay close attention to what I am about to say next:

Have a read and comment to show whether you agree with this message or not. I certainly do – and would love it if the art department take these on board! There are of course hang-overs from when bikini-clad women were all that were available and somehow nobody ever thought to attack them in the stomach… certainly when you look in the 4th edition book there is both models of male and female characters now. However I would much rather see, as it is described, a scrawny fighter or a particularly buff wizard!

What do you think?

Talk to us!

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