Nov 06

All the free games – one convenient place! systemreferencedocuments.org

If, like me, while you love to spend money on Roleplaying systems. Sometimes it is better to see if you can’t be a bit frugal and pick up something for free.

Luckily there is a website now that has a rather awesome list of currently legally free RPGs you can grab and have a go with. System Reference Documents is a little site listing the currently easy to grab and free games that are currently available out there.

It needs a little TLC, to be fair (a bit light on content, the forums have been spammed to hell sadly as well) but as it stands it does where and what you can get. I heartily recommend you check it out and if you can find the contact details for the creator do let us know!


  1. Rob Lang

    SRD.org is ok but the list of free RPGs is very light indeed. Can you really say “All the free games”?. I’ve reviewed more than they have:


    And there are far more in my directory:


    There are even more to be found on: http://www.1km1kt.net

    1. Liz

      You make an excellent free point – my wording probably wasn’t the greatest choice for an article ever!

      They certainly list a good selection, and I think it is a site that if given some love could really become a really good central point for free RPGs (especially the ones that you could pay for, but had SRDs).

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