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All Rolled Up: The Gaming Accessory For The Organised Gamer!

All Rolled Up closedYou may have not heard of All Rolled Up, but don’t worry. While I was away at the UK Games Expo, I came across this little stall where this wonderful lady turned to me and said I NEED to hear about it. She told me how I can keep all of my gaming accessories nice and tidy in my bag, while also having a dice bag that makes it really easy to find the dice I need.

Well first you had my interest, now you have my attention. I immediately bought one for further testing/inspection.

All Rolled Up (also known as ARU) is a clever little idea of a dice bag/gaming accessory gatherer that keeps all those pencils, character sheets, dice and other bits and pieces you need for your gaming rolled up into a small cloth pouch. The idea is you arrive at your game and rather than diving through your dice bag desperately hunting for all those D10s you need, you can instead use the standing dice bag that has a nice wide open top to easily spot your dice.

Held in there by some pretty strong velcro, it also expands out to have little pouches in the cloth to All Rolled Up Dicestore pens, pencils, a small notebook and papers. You can literally roll it out on the gaming table like the professional gamer that you are, open up the velcro and get gaming.

It seems like a simple idea, but it really works quite well. The dice bag compartment can hold around 200 dice (it certainly held all the dice I normally have in my Dragon Chow Dice bag) and the velcro isn’t meant to give.

Challenge accepted.

After an hour looking like a madwoman in the middle of my living room swinging the thing about by the cloth ties, the edges, and the bottom of the dice bag compartment itself, true to it’s word the velcro didn’t give up. It didn’t even have any damage from where I pulled, prodded and stretched at the seams. Sure – I could go full destructive mode on this little device and see how much pressure it can actually take, but considering this will either be normally carried within your bag or under your arm this seemed a very reasonable amount of testing.

I also sat for a good while opening and closing the velcro, testing to see if there was any signs of the velcro giving up. Not even slightly worn out. I was informed that they had been standing there all day showing off the same ARU and had been opened hundreds of time and the velcro was still doing a great job of holding together.

Of course this doesn’t have to just be for your RPGs. It has different sized pouch sections, you can keep your counters in one part, your sleeved CCGs and pencils with a notebook rolled up inside and you have everything you need to play your CCG game. The bigger pouch is really after handy!

Of course, then I had a brilliant idea. What about the Noteboard we mentioned earlier? Does it fit?


All the things I need, in one handy little pouch!

So now you can take pretty much everything you need to get a campaign going! Although I wouldn’t advise this if you love your models – you could keep a set of miniatures that are pre-painted and plastic in the dice bag part, your map in the pouch and a few extra pens/pencils in the extra pouches then roll out adventure time!

...And Ready to Game!

…And Ready to Game!

Of course there is the usual clincher, how much does it cost? Well the good news that for the standard design it is a mere £15 out of your pocket! Or for a little bit more you can get a premium one for £20. Don’t forget you can also get custom designed ones as well (Nearly Enough Dice ARU anyone).

So if you want a really neat and tidy way of taking care of all the items you need to get your gaming on, this is certainly something you should be looking at. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that gabbing your ARU set and rolling it out in front of you and knowing you have everything you need to get started is really a rather cool concept.

If you haven’t looked yet, but are curious as to what designs they do, I heartily suggest you head over to their website and have a good look around! I certainly gets a full thumbs up from me, and am looking forward to using it on a regular basis!

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  1. shortymonster

    I think I’d be happy with either the Nevermore, or the Do Not Feed, in case people are curious about what to get me for Christmas.

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