Jan 21

A GM’s Manifesto!

Over on Reddit someone has put up a rather well thought out manifesto for the GM of a game. With 14 points that this particular GM promises to follow for example:

10. I pledge to let you be awesome. Gaming is not about numbers and armor classes. If you have an idea for an amazing stunt, I want to hear it. If it wows me, you’ll get a chance to pull it off.

11. I pledge to listen to your issues. Do you have an issue with another player’s actions in or out of game? We’ll talk about it. Do you feel uncomfortable doing a certain type of scene? Tell me and I’ll drop it or make it easier to handle.

It is a rather excellent list with an excellent discussion in it. Do you agree with all the points listed in the manifesto? Should there be a player manifesto as well?

Talk to us!

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