Jun 18

6d6 Super Saver Bundle! Go get it!

In case you haven’t heard yet – 6d6 has a new bundle up on RPGNow! Currently you can get yourself 6d6 Core, Quantum Flux and Cybernetics all for the tiny price of 20 Dollars (about £12.84) which is a massive saving on buying them seperately!

If you haven’t heard about us LOVING 6d6 on the podcast then here is the description that they wrote about it themselves:

I wrote 6d6 because I did not have the time to read a 300 page rule book. I wrote it because I was frustrated by players’ turns taking 10 minutes as they worked out the modifiers to their attack roll for each the seven different spell effects currently running. I wrote it because I wanted game mechanics that supported my role-playing and characterisation.

I released it under the Creative Commons because I want people to share and pass round my PDFs. I made everything available free-to-read online because buying an RPG product should never be a leap in the dark and I created the Living Document Promise because I believe you should only need to buy a game once.

A perfect pack if you plan to run a futuristic game and a brilliant price as well! I suggest you hop over to RPGNow and pick it up!

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