Nov 08

6d6 Kickstarter Reached in goal its a matter of days!

Great news everyone! the 6d6 Kickstarter which you might have heard us yelling about a few times in the past few days, met its initial goal! In fact, at time of writing it was at £2056. Considering when writing this it had 26 days to go, that is a fair amount of time until the end! Brilliant!

Remembering this is one of the first ever UK kickstarter projects, as well as being the first UK RPG Kickstarter, to see it meet the initial goal with ease is a great sign as what is to come for future UK RPG kickstarters.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a kickstarter project if it didn’t have stretch goals now, so 6d6 has added the following:

  •  £2500 – extra art
  •  £3250 – The Dungeon of Demon Strata, mapped adventure
  •  £4000 – Medlling Kids on Bad Acid, adventure
  •  £5000 – The Road to Petra, Roman adventure
  •  £6500 – A bestiary for the 6d6 Core rules
  •  £8500 – the 6d6 Writer’s Bible, a new book about creating your own monsters and settings

If you haven’t backed it yet – please do so! It is great to see independent UK made products going from strength to strength!

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