Nov 01

6d6 Kickstarter goes live!

We’ve been hearing from Chris Tregenza recently about the planning that has gone into putting together the 6d6 Kickstarter project and today the project went live as part of the official launch of Kickstarter in the UK.  At the time of writing the project is already edging towards 20% funded with a full month still to run. For those interested in backing the project a mere £7 (~$11) will get you the core rules in PDF form while £18 (~$30) bags you physical and PDF copies of the core rules plus one of four adventures in PDF form. I should point out that physical copies of the book include free shipping both within the UK and internationally, making the books even more of a bargain.

A great product at a great price, so what are you waiting for?


  1. shortymonster

    Hey guys. This does look like a pretty amazing project, but money is a bit tight over in my neck of the woods. i have been talking about you though, even tweeted the link a couple of times. I hope like hell this gets funded, so that when I get a real job, I’ll be able to pick up a copy.

    1. Liz

      I completely understand the financial side of things – of course the best way of also helping when you are unable to grab your own funding is to shout from the rooftops to everybody and anybody you know about it! That way the more who hear the more likely it gets funded!

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