Feb 14

6d6 Core + Outbreak Bundle!

Over on RPGNow you can pick up the 6d6 Core + Outbreak + Starter Pack  for less than a tenner. (£9.49, $15.00). This is an exceptionally awesome price for such a great set of products!

6d6 was written by Chris Tregenza due to finding horrendously long and complicated systems pretty tiring and time-consuming:

I wrote 6d6 because I did not have the time to read a 300 page rule book. I wrote it because I was frustrated by players’ turns taking 10 minutes as they worked out the modifiers to their attack roll for each the seven different spell effects currently running. I wrote it because I wanted game mechanics that supported my role-playing and characterisation.

The system is quick and simple to play and there is loads of support for the system (just look how many tasty things you can get on their website for it!) and it looks like a fantastic system. The books also count as “living documents:

6d6 believe you should only have to buy a game once and not need to spend more money just because the publisher decides to release a new edition. After buying and registering any 6d6 product, we promise that no matter how many versions, editions and updates of the 6d6 Core or Outbreak! we do in the future, you will always be able to download the latest version.

That alone should make it a worthwhile purchase! So what are you waiting for? Go buy it now!

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