Nov 22

Gategully Episode 76

So how did the silk farming go? Was it a success? Did the clothes maker go insane?

Plus, I start to get the Great Dump Shaft operational.

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Nov 21

Gategully Episode 75

In order to prevent a wild-eyed clothes-maker from being driven insane, I finally open up the Caverns…

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Nov 20

Gategully Episode 74

A Grand Project to cap of the story of Gategully is started! I am totally prepared for this, definitely.

Also, Schrödinger’s Merchants.

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Nov 19

Gategully Episode 73

Trading! Cloth! Give me your sweet, sweet cloth!

I also try yet more things with frame-rate… and nothing works, in fact, it gets worse.

I may have to abandon Gategully…

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Nov 18

Gategully Episode 72

I only have a last corner on the Exploratory Mining level, which is proving to be The Most Boring Layer Of Just Rock that has ever been.

My Baroness has a fascinating conversation conversation with a Human Diplomat, and I investigate the mystery of the sudden appearance of large gems…

Find the playlist here!

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