Sep 19

Gategully Episode 12

Episdode 12!


Playlist here!

Sep 18

Gategully Episode 11

More engraving! More digging! More floors! More Necromancers!

…wait, what?

Playlist here!

Sep 17

Dwarf Fortress: Gategully Episode 10

Diggin’ down, dealing with noble wants and desires, playing with leather (oo-er), pondering Quantum Stockpiles.

Witness the power of this fully armed and operational playlist here

Sep 16

New Dwarf Fortress Let’s Play Episode 09

After a lot of going back-and-forth, I decide to commit to the Very Large Diningroom (VLD) project.  And I expand ever downwards, with my first Noble’s Quarters!  Oooo!

Sep 15

New Dwarf Fortress Let’s Play Episode 08

Dig dig dig dig… How big do you need a dining room to be, anyway?

Full playlist here.

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