Apr 25

Pallas VI Re-Rescue

You know all my optimistic plans from last time? Squashed. Crushed like my dreams. But fear not! I can fix it! All I need to do is go fetch that booster I just chucked away…

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Apr 24

Pallas VI Post-rescue

Okay, I’ve got Pallas VI, now what am I going to *do* with it? Let’s see if I can get some Contract waypoints…

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Apr 23

Pallas VI Rescue

Okay, I have Big Tug attached to a transfer stage with a chunk of fuel.

I also have a lander probe in orbit with no fuel.

Can I put these things together in a useful way?

Also contains ramblings about the upcoming Kerbal Space Program 1.0 release, due to not being able to warp over 50x at this altitude.

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Apr 22

Pallas VIII

I have an agenda! A list! Written down and everything! And it all begins with getting Pallas VIII to Athena I…

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Apr 21

Fixing the Pallas Lander and new Science!

I believe I’ve worked out why the Pallas Landers have a tendency to get ridiculously unbalanced when fuel is low – the answer was rather unexpected!

I make some other adjustments as well, and I take a new scientific instrument out for a spin.

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