Oct 22

Gategully Episode 45

Oct 21

Gategully Episode 44

The Room Of Enormousness nears completion! More babies! Stupid Dwarves! More babies! Expanded Dead Dwarf Storage! More babies!

Find the playlist here!

Oct 20

Gategully Episode 43

Mucking about with stockpiles, watching my Enormous Room reach completion, and deciding on whether or not to pull the lever on the Danger Room…

Find the playlist here!

Oct 19

Gategully Episode 42

Trying to fix my Danger Room, including protecting people as they work on it! Much footage of me being frustrated at Dwarves moving something Just. One. Square!

Find the playlist here!

Oct 18

Gategully Episode 41

Might I want a healthcare system that saves lives instead of ends them? Would that be a good thing?

I might want to cut down on the mechanised things that kill Dwarves, too.

Find the playlist here!

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