Jan 31

Terraria Episode 016

Back off to the East again, to see if I can find enough Tattered Cloth to make a Goblin Battle Standard and thus provoke a Goblin Army to attack.

Find the playlist here!

Jan 30

Terraria Episode 015

To the West! I’m looking to start trouble with the Goblins, as part of my Evil Plan to deal with The Eater Of Worlds.

Find the playlist here!

Jan 29

Terraria Episode 014

Okay, so I’m not *really* ready to take on the Eater of Worlds, so I work on putting together the beginnings of an arena, and working on the timing of breaking my second Shadow Orb.

Find the playlist here!

Jan 29

Kerbal Orbit!

Yeah, got kinda bored trying to do that survey mission! So, to Orbit! With a little bit of help from a tutorial, in the end…

Find the full playlist here!

Jan 28

Terraria Episode 013

Having dealt with the Eye of Cthulhu (three times!), it’s time to see about the Eater of Worlds! First, I’m off to the West, to make my base on the border of the Jungle and Corruption into an actual base…

Find the playlist here!

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