Mar 01

Terraria Episode 045

Hard mode remains hard! I need to find myself some better ores, with which to make better equipment! And then the air gets cold around me…

Find the playlist here!

Feb 28

Terraria Episode 044

My arena prepared, it’s time to kill the Wall of Flesh again! Hopefully this time I’ll get the PwnHammer, and be able to get my mitts on those tasty, tasty Hardmode ores…

Find the playlist here!

Feb 27

Terraria Episode 043

Seeing as the Wall of Flesh wasn’t kind enough to drop the PwnHammer, I have to go kill it again. So I prepare my arena with the lessons learned from last time!

Find the playlist here!

Feb 27

Re-doing some Kerbin missions – hopefully right this time!

Two videos today! Re-doing some missions!

Putting another satellite into polar orbit. Not much Science in it, but cash!

I also put together the next mission, re-doing the Escape Velocity test.

A short episode – I launch the mission previously designed to re-do the Escape Velocity mission. Hopefully this time the game will realise I’ve done the staging it’s asked me to do.

Plus I look over some new missions to do, and do a quick “landed at Kerbin” test.

Find the full playlist here!

Feb 26

Terraria Episode 042

Hard mode is hard! I head off to start re-quarantining the Corruption, especially the new Corruption, but then I notice I seem to be missing something…

Find the playlist here!

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