Jul 25

Sokobond – Review

Last year I missed the release of the chemistry puzzler Sokobond, which resembles mechanics found in Sokoban. However, it has just been released on Steam which is a perfect time to take a look at the minimalistic puzzle game developed by Alan Hazelden and Harry Lee. As mentioned before, Sokobond is a puzzle game about chemistry. However, you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of chemistry. If you are like me and you always flunked at chemistry in high school, this is great to hear. As you complete puzzles, where you need to connect the atoms, you will be given scientific facts. Playing a puzzle is great but learning from it in the process is just perfect. Let’s brush up our chemistry shall we?

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Jul 15

Episode 143 – Heading West to Trade!

Episode 143 with your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week we have a massive Geeky week section, which we even wrapped up some news sneakily into, and we also have our group topic where we talk about a trade caravan heading to distant lands in the search of profit and accidentally, danger!

Geeky Week!


  • Liz has mainly been running 13th Age
  • Liz also has been playing a few more Vidja Games
  • L5R – a murderer… exposed!
  • Mike has only been playing Skyrim a little.
  • Have got Bioshock in the Humble Bundle, haven’t installed it yet.
  • AdventureAWeek kickstarter!
  • The final Shadow Unit is out!  Like, the last one ever!

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Jul 13

Episode 142 – Very Few People Should Play Chaos Neutral

Episode 142 with your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week Mike has been involved in a MURDER! Mike also gives us a bit more insight into this thoughts of the game Don’t Starve and Goat Simulator and finally, we delve into the concept of playing characters that just don’t “fit” with the setting/world. Should it be done? Can it be done? What things should be thought about? Our thoughts are here!

Geeky Week!

  • Skyrim – Mike had discovered the Homestead DLC content.  Oh dear.
  • L5R Second Session: There’s Been A Murder!
  • Liz has been playing a few vidja games.


Mike’s Topic!

Mike gives us some thoughts about Don’t Starve and Goat Simulator

Group Topic!

This week, playing characters who don’t fit.  Samurai in a European-style D&D game, honourless Ronin in a Legend Of The Five Rings courtly game, even Evil characters in an otherwise Good campaign.


Jul 01

Episode 141 – Cringe-Worthy Gaming

Episode 141 with your hosts, Liz and Mike (sorry Ali)! This week Liz gets a chance to review the Atomic Robo RPG, and we break straight after that into our group topic, where we discuss some of our worst, and best, gaming experiences. What are your best/worst gaming experience? Join in through the comments below!

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Jun 26

LYNE – Review

LYNE is a casual puzzle game with a relaxing atmosphere, brought to us by Thomas Bowker. It manages to do what most other puzzles cannot seem to achieve by being deceptively simple yet infinitely complex when you try to connect the shapes.

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