Oct 25

Gategully Episode 48

Trading! Socks for socks! The Elves want to have a word about the trees! I start digging some tunnels for a mysterious project that doesn’t in any way involve flooding the Fortress (I hope)!

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Oct 25

Conpulsion 2014 – Sarah Newton Interview – Mindjammer

Mindjammer is a far-future transhumanist science fiction game from Mindjammer Press, powered by Fate Core. Liz talks to the mind behind Mindjammer, Sarah Newton, to discover why being able to play (amongst other things) a sentient starship is just so awesome!

Oct 24

Gategully Episode 47

More attempts at fixing the hideous mess caused by my attempts to fix the hideous mess of the Pit of Shame. I hate water, sometimes.

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Oct 23

Gategully Episode 46

Being very glad my Dwarves can climb. Exploring the complex interaction between traffic designations and framerate. Rescuing idiot Dwarves from their own stupidity. You know, the usual.

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Oct 22

Gategully Episode 45

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