Oct 01

Gategully Episode 24

Pits, ponds, trying not to get miners trapped, and finally my Marksdwarves shoot at something.

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Oct 01

Review: Don’t Starve Giant’s Edition (PS Vita)

As Liz mentioned towards the end of Episode 147 of the podcast I’ve been playing a lot of Don’t Starve lately, mostly on my way to and from work. When I say playing what I actually mean is running around in a panic trying to survive another night (my first game I made it to all of the 3rd night before dying) or running away from whatever monster I’ve managed to provoke this time.

But wait, playing it on my commute? Yes, for Don’t Starve is now out for the Playstation Vita!

The Game

For those who may not be familiar with Don’t Starve it is a survival adventure game by Klei Entertainment where your character is thrown into an unforgiving landscape and must work their way up from building simple objects like a flaming torch or an axe to managing a complex set of resources that allow you to survive the harshness of winter and the various giant monsters that inhabit the world. The game is notoriously difficult, with little in game guidance of how to progress, made all the more difficult by the permadeath that figures heavily in the early stages of game play. Liz’s actual plays (Episode 1, Episode 2 & Episode 3) provide a good example of the early stages of the game.

Survival through exploration is the key to the game and thanks to the large maps, randomly generated for each playthrough, no two games are ever the same. The world can be customised to suit your preferences by reducing or increasing the frequency of particular features such as monsters or resources while the multiple different characters each bring a unique ability to the game, such as Wilson’s ability to grow an amazing beard (which is more useful than it sounds).

Beyond the default Survival mode there exists a secondary Adventure mode, accessed by finding a special location in the survival mode map. Adventure mode ramps up the difficulty by challenging you to escape your imprisonment by travelling to other locations which are even less hospitable. My one and only attempt at this mode dropped me straight into a harsh frozen wasteland with sparse resources and an extremely long night period. I lasted a day before being thrown back into the Survival mode world though to be fair I’ve also yet to make it past day 22 in Survival mode (winter is harsh).

Run away!

The PS Vita Port

While the game was originally designed for the PC the PS Vita is, in my opinion, extremely well done. The world looks amazing on the OLED screen of my 1st generation PS Vita and the controls have been smoothly adapted to the dual analogue sticks of the handheld. For me the smaller screen size of the PS Vita also helps to build the tension somewhat in the game, just because there is less on the screen at any one time and I just don’t know what I’m about to encounter next. Included in the port is the Reign of Giants DLC, which introduces additional complexity to the game such as full seasons, more environments, two new characters and of course giants. Best of all the game is covered by cross-buy, which means that if you purchase it on the PS Vita you also get the PS4 edition for free (or vice versa), making the £11.49 cost of the game even better value, though unfortunately the save games are not cross compatible.

Being on a portable console does, however, come with a couple of downsides, notably with regards performance. The majority of the time you will encounter this is in the longer loading times, especially during world generation. Not in itself a big issue though I have experienced a couple of times when the game hung on loading screen, typically this is when moving between worlds and the game is trying to both save an existing map and generate a new one. The second performance issue I’ve experienced is one of frame rate slowdowns when there is too much happening at once. I’ve personally only run into this a few times, such as when my forest base got struck by lightning and everything caught on fire but I’ve heard of people also encountering after creating large bases later in the game. If you’re aware of the issue it should be possible to work around it by spreading your base out more but it’s still not an ideal solution.


All in all Don’t Starve is a game that I would highly recommend if you’re looking for a challenging survival game and the PS Vita port is a great way to experience it as the game works well played in short bursts. Just remember, you’ve not truly played the game until you’ve run around in a panic screaming “it’s trying to eat me!”, which if you’re anything like me will happen pretty quickly.

Sep 30

Episode 148 – James L Sutter at Paizo interview!

Episode 148 with your hosts Mike, and Liz! Liz had the awesome pleasure of speaking to James at Gen Con earlier this year! Mike talks to us about how to obey Wheaton’s law when playing characters of different ethnic background to your own and finally – Mike and Liz discuss getting your campaign back on track! Apologises for how late this episode is, Liz decided having a rather nasty lurgy was a great idea…

Geeky Week!

Liz’s Topic!

Liz does her Second interview from Gen Con, and is talking to James Sutter from Paizo!

James’s twitter! Go and say hello!

Mike’s Topic!

Playing characters of a different ethnic background to your own/different gender – how to be respectful.

Group Topic!

This week Mike and Liz are discussing how on earth to get your campaign back on track. It has gone off the rails, the party are missing your hints left, right and centre as to where your plot line lies… what do you do? Don’t worry, we have… a cunning plan!


Sep 30

Gategully Episode 23

More evidence that Gategully has moved towards, if not normality (for what is that in Dwarf Fortress?), but functionality.  Just wish my Marksdwarves would pick up some bloody ammo.

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Sep 29

Gategully Episode 22

More fun with tidying up. Fun, not !!FUN!!. Well, more “fun” than fun, but definitely not !!FUN!!.

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