Mar 30

Athena I: Booster Realignment

As promised! More docking!

Wait, that’s the opposite of what I promised.

However, I have now obtained the Docking Port Alignment Indicator. Will that make docking less keyboard-smashingly frustrating? I have to re-align Athena I’s boosters somehow…

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Mar 29

Athena I: Transfer Stage

The last of the parts of the Athena Science Lander, hopefully. And hopefully the last docking video for a while, at least until I get some kind of add-on…

See if you can spot my Scott Manley impression!

Find the full playlist here!

Mar 28

Athena I: Boosters Refit

Turns out I managed to send up empty boosters. So I took the opportunity to redesign them as well as my tug and send a new booster mission up.

More entirely entertaining docking!

Find the full playlist here!

Mar 27

Building with docking ports

Working on my Athena station, it became clear to me that I *really* wanted to be able to use Docking Ports to connect parts. That way, I can re-arrange things in orbit.

Doing this with docking ports along the long axis of the rocket is easy enough. However, when I was constructing Athena I, my mobile science station, I couldn’t work out how to connect items with docking ports on the sides.

I asked Reddit, and Reddit nicely explained it to me, so I thought I’d put together what I learned into a quick tutorial.

Find the full playlist here!

Mar 26

Athena I Lauch 3 – side booster attachment

This is the part of the process I am least confident will work – creating dockable boosters that will grab onto the paired docking ports on each side of the Athena I station.

What I wanted to do was connect the boosters on either side of a launch stage using the same docking port arrangement that would eventually be used for the station. But I couldn’t work out how to do that, so I ended up having to improvise a little…

Find the full playlist here!

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