Dec 19

Bustthinned Episode 003

Merchants arrive, despite the fact that I haven’t actually gotten around to making anything worth trading yet… Work continues on the Great Ramp, trying to get around the inconveniently placed Caverns.

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Dec 18

Bustthinned Episode 002

Quickly getting temporary accommodations set up, while I dig down, down down. The plans for this fortress are to establish the main base way, way down near the magma, so I can have magma forge-y goodness without the bother of hauling things up and down hundreds of steps.

Also, I find out why people hate keas so, so much.

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Dec 17

Bustthinned Episode 001

A new Fortress for a new age! It’s a small world (although with a grand name) and a smaller population than the venerable Gategully. The rather unfortunately named “Bustthinned” (Ablelelis) – I am assuming it’s referring to the shoulders-up type of statue, not the chestal region of a lady – shall (hopefully!) rise to greatness!

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Dec 16

Gategully Episode 100

The 100th Episode Spectacular! Thrills! Spills! Werebisons! Furniture hauling! Will Gategully end in triumph or disaster?

I’d like to thank everyone who’s watched Gategully through it’s ups and downs (mostly downs!). You’ve been fantastic!

So, what comes next? Watch this space!

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Dec 15

Gategully Episode 99

This episode is mostly to do with getting the Royal Apartments up to scratch! But I’m still having strange merchant problems…

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