Oct 31

Gategully Episode 54

I have a plan. Possibly a *bad* plan. It involves water.

Also, The Mystery Of The Disappearing Bridge.

Also, also, a cliffhanger…

Find the playlist here!

Oct 30

Gategully Episode 53

More working on trying to improve my frame-rate, and waiting for the atom smasher to be ready for smashing.

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Oct 29

Gategully Episode 52

Dumping worn clothes, digging for Limonite, and wondering why my microphone stopped recording part-way through. You get an exciting voice-over though!

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Oct 28

Gategully Episode 51

Floodgates and levers and … how did that Dwarven Baby get *there*?!

Find the playlist here!

Oct 27

Gategully Episode 50

50th episode! In this very special episode I… do… pretty much what I always do.

In this case, that involves trying to find some magma…

Find the playlist here!

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